About US

CCD Biofuels & Energy, has over 30 years of experience in working knowledge with clients. Our goal is to assist customers with their supply requirements as well as assist them with daily solutions concerning their biofuel needs. We also offer clients a cost effective solutions to comply with federal alternative fuel mandates. Biofuel does not require engine retrofits or capital investment. Use biodiesel blended or inter change ability with petroleum diesel to keep your fleet running at its optimal performance.

We were formed to address the ever evolving and complex supply chain needs of our customers. We believe customers require their supply chain partners to be creative in finding new solutions, to be flexible in their daily working relationships and to bring innovation and proven value to bear on today's competitive business environment.

Corporate Overview

CCD Biofuels and Energy delivers cost effective, reliable, high quality alternative renewable fuel strategies to global and local organizations. Whether your organisation requires custom integrated supply programs or reliable, last-minute delivery of critical fuel needs worldwide, CCD Biofuels and Energy is your preferred tactical and strategic business partner.

Our mission is to assist customers with their supply chain requirements whilst concurrently support their daily biofuel needs. We also offer clients, exceptional cost effective solutions to comply with federal alternative fuel mandates.

CCD Biofuels and Energy has been incorporated specifically, to address the dynamics and complexities of supply chain management requirements for our customers, and the renewables industry as whole.

At CCD Biofuels and Energy, we believe that customers should demand that their supply chain partners continue to differentiate themselves and be creative,in finding value added solutions, which provide operational flexibility and strategic partnerships that can realise and derive economic value to sustain competitive advantage. CCD Biofuels and Energy provides the catalyst and framework with which to achieve your business goals.