Demands of today's supply chain require greater resources of customers and supplier's. CCD Biofuels & Energy, LLC., has extensive experience in working with client to develop custom solutions to each client's requirements. These services include:

Mandate's Direct Seller of all Petroleum Products


Biofuels Advances in technology have made it possible to implement commercially viable equipment to grow algae and create a highly successful agri-business.
CCD Biofuels and Energy algae farms are standardized, pre-configured, modular, scalable, efficient, cost-effective, and optimise the metabolic process of the algal cells and develop a powerful strain capable of producing considerably larger volumes of oil. (than?) The manufacturing lifecycle from biological reaction through to cultivation, harvesting and extraction to refining uses a bespoke clean technology that produces a high grade sustainable biofuel.

Water CCD Biofuels and Energy implement industrial reverse osmosis and water treatment and purification systems, capable of producingup to 150 million litres per day.
The process of removing dissolved salt and impurities from seawater or brackish waters results in high quality water fit for human consumption, irrigation for agriculture and industrial applications.

Electricity natural gas is a clean low-carbon fuel alternative that can be readily utilised for the production of electricity. Thefacilities implemented by CCD Biofuels and Energy can be built ausing modular solutions consisting of individual engines that provide the lowest carbon dioxide emission levels of all fossil fuels, whilst maintaining high electrical efficiency.

Ecological and Environmental impact

Due to the unique metabolisim of algae, within days it reaches maturity, thriving in all waters: fresh, brackish and saline. Algae is a terrific absorber of the greenhouse gas, CO2. They can be grown in arid and semi-arid areas so as not to compete with food crops for land. Most importantly they yield more oil than other biomass feedstocks.

Reasons why algae is an excellent alternative biofuel for the future;

Algae is a plant and CCD Biofuels and Energy algae growing systems use no toxic chemicals. The process of growing algae is a basic agricultural process and, as with the cultivation of other plants, the only substance released into the environment is oxygen. The recommended algal cultures are present in nature and are not modified genetically or otherwise. The system is in a closed loop and the water and nutrients that are not consumed are re-circulated in the system. An accidental spill of aquatic culture from the system would require no special procedures for cleanup.

In summary, CCD Biofuels and Energy has a negative carbon footprint, thus removing CO2 from the earth's atmosphere.